A few weeks ago, I met up with my friend Alexi.

My friend Alexi is very cool, by the way.

Yesterday she used the words backstage photo shoot,
Harper's Bazaar, and Hong Kong all in the same sentence.

She's just cool like that. ;)

I love bouncing my shoot ideas off of her, because she
helps me think outside of my pink box.

Let me explain that pink box...

So we met up, and we were sipping our Starbucks,
and out of her backpack, Alexi pulls a bright red wig.

"Ooooo," I said. "We could do a Katy Perry themed shoot with that!
Our model can wear a pink dress, and she can run through a field
of pink flowers, and butterflies can be everywhere, and sparkles
 can rain down from the rainbow sky!"

And Alexi said, "Noooo... I was thinking more of The Matrix."

And can you believe I still tried to convince her that my idea was better?

I need help.

Anyway, we asked Claire to model for us.

Claire was the most perfect Matrixy Katy Perry ever.

She's that pretty girl-next-door who gets in front of
the camera and turns into a mega model.

It's so cool. I love photographing Claire.

Oh, and I guess you can see who won the idea argument. ;)

Model | Claire Griffith
Styled by Alexi Corham