Happy Birthday to FluffyFace.

AKA JackiePoo.

AKA JackBoi.

AKA Poodle-y Jack.

AKA CrazyAnimal.

AKA Male MaltiPoo C.

That last one is his very first name.

The name he was given when he was born.

The name on his little birth documents that were sent to me
when his little bundle of fluff hopped into my life.

(Yes, hopped. He hops like a bunny. You should see it. Hysterical.)

I may have renamed him JackJack, but I make sure he still gets
to hear "You cute little Male MaltiPoo C" every once in a while.

Well,  Jack is celebrating his first year around the sun today,
and he is doing it right: curled up in a tight little circle, sleeping soundly.

Can you think of any better way to celebrate? ;)

I'll be sure to add to his celebration by giving him lots of mini milkbones.

And I might even stay outside for a few extra minutes of fetch with his favorite orange ball.

But really, all the treats and trips to the dog park and belly rubs in the world would
never equal the moments of happiness that my little companion has brought to me.

Happy 1st Birthday, JackJack! :)