Happy Launch Day, Lace Boutique!

That's right, today is the very first day you can update
your wardrobe with colorful spring dresses, shoes,
accessories, & more from the brand new Lace-Boutique.com.

I was the lucky photographer who got to travel to Mobile, Alabama
a few weeks ago to spend two days photographing the sweetest
Southern Bells all decked out in Lace Boutique's fashion!

And believe me, I was shopping while I was shooting!
I couldn't help it! So much cuteness was all over the place.

Shooting for Lace was absolutely one of the most fun
experiences in my photography career so far,
and I was super thankful for the opportunity!

A huge giant shout-out needs to go to the kind people
at Oak Hill Farms for helping out this crazy photographer
and saying YES when our second day of shooting was almost
rained out and I had to beg- at the very last minute - to pretty
please let us shoot in their green house!

Thank you, Oak Hill Farms! And your strawberries are delish! ;)

So check out some of my favorites images from the Lace Boutique
photo shoots, and when you like what you see,
be sure to head over to Lace-Boutique.com,
& deck yourself out too!!! ;)