My birthday is tomorrow.

If you follow me on Twitter, you most likely already
know that, because I am obnoxiously excited about it.

The World's Greatest Dad (mine) sent an early birthday
gift to my email and really, I'm not sure if there is anything
that his 99 cent gift can top.

In January, I started editing my images exclusively with
VSCO FILM presets.

I am obsessed with them.

They make my life sweet.

This Friday, VSCO released the iPhone app VSCO CAM and thanks to
my dad and his early birthday gift, my life is now sweeter. Much sweeter.

I take non-stop pictures with my iPhone.

This weekend I was up to 2,074 on my camera roll.

If you've read The Story of Me & Photography, then you know how this
little business of mine was somehow dropped into my lap because a few girls
appreciated the way that I saw pictures with my point-and-shoot & cell phone pictures.

Phone photography is like a continual lesson in composition, & I think that's
why I love it so much. Or maybe I'm just a big nerd. Who knows. ;)

But the following is snippets of my weekend, captured on a very old iPhone
that has been dropped a bajillion times, and edited magically with VSCO CAM: