This week in April has always been a celebration week in my family.

My sister and two of our sweetest cousins were all born within hours
of each other and grew up together as the best of friends.

There was always a giant birthday party for all three of the girls,
and this year of 2012 is their Sweet Sixteen celebration year... awww.

I was in Ohio last week (for Rachel & Brian's gorgeous wedding day -
pictures coming very soon, of course) so I got to spend some moments capturing
my cousin Kacey, one of the three, on one of her very last days of her 15th year.

This little shoot came about something like this:
I picked Kacey up from school about an hour before the sun set,
and told her we were going to take pictures. ;)

I saw giant yellow flower fields everywhere during my drive out to
Ohio, so I just knew we could find one if we drove far enough.

I was looking left, Kacey was looking right, and we were driving into
the setting sun on the lookout for a field of yellow flowers.
The sun was setting fast, and we were getting anxious, and then...

Oh, there's one! It's perfect!

Where?! Oh that? That's not a field. That's a patch.

No, no, it's perfect! We have to turn around!

U-turns are illegal! Ahhhh! Don't hit that car!

Where should I park?

Ummm... That nursing home!

Do you think they'll mind?

Nah, we're picking flowers to bring to our grandma, remember?

And then we ran across a road and twirled in
the flower patch until the sun finally set. ;)

So Happy 16th Birthday to all three of the "triplets" and enjoy these pictures
that Kacey and I made... in a patch of yellow weeds flowers.