Today I am blogging some glitz and glamour
with a little twist, style. ;)

I got an email a few weeks ago from Kim of Makeup by Kim
asking me if I would consider putting together a Hollywood Glamour
photo shoot since she wanted to add some glamorous makeup shots
to her own portfolio.

Hollywood Glamour had never been something I'd thought of taking on
as a personal project, because my own personal style is more casual and
laid back, so I started looking for a location that would take the glamour
down a few notches and make it more fun and playful and inspirational to me.

And that's when I thought of
Cheeburger Cheeburger on Main Street in Newark.

The perfect pink & turquoise 50's diner where every movie
star would want to stop in for a burger and a milkshake
after their red carpet walk. ;)

I stopped in and talked to the kind owner of Cheeburger
and was so excited when he gave me permission to descend
on his restaurant with my Hollywood models.

I just ran with the Hollywood Diner idea and this photo shoot is the result!

The perfectly glamorous hair was done by hairstylist, Ashley Miller,
and also thanks to Ashley... our suave background bodyguards.
She asked them to model for us while she was cutting their hair.
How could they say no? ;) Thanks, Brett & Mike! :)

The gorgeous gowns were designed by Lele Tran,
and you really must stop into her shop in Philly.
Seriously amazing, amazing pieces. I was the luckiest
girl ever to get to use these fabulous gowns in this shoot!

My models are just three of my favorite people EVER,
and they rocked those gorgeous gowns and made this shoot so fun!!!

And now, the pictures we created:

And then let's finish this blog post with some casual shots of my fun models....

... and the fabulous Lele with her designs!!

Models | Kamryn Garrison, Kathleen Corcoran, & Laura Ballweg
Hair | Ashley Miller
Makeup | Kim Bassette
Designer/Wardrobe | Lele Tran
Location | Cheeburger Cheeburger Newark, DE
© 2012