With my March shoot sliding in on the very last day of the month,
my April shoot decided to play it safe and take place on April 1st.

I wanted a lot of whimsy in this shoot and I've been
really dying to shoot something lilac, so I decided
to spray paint a hat purple.

Yes, I spray painted a hat and not without a thick coat
of primer, pre-spray paint.

I know my neighbors think I'm crazy.

They walk their dogs by my apartment,
and look confused as they stare up at a
girl who is priming a hat.

It's all good. ;)

Of course, this whimsical April shoot would have never
happened without the talents of some truly  talented people.

Alyssa was top model material, striking perfect poses,
one after the other after the other. She was so inspiring
to photograph and I cannot wait to work with her again!

Ashley Miller created the tumbling flowers and curls
in Alyssa's gorgeous hair and Jen Patti shared her fab
makeup skills to add the extra bit of whimsy!!

Moxie Boutique loaned us this perfect ruffled
purple dress... it was the first thing to catch my
eye when I walked into Moxie & I totally love it!

I'm so thankful to this amazing team who made
this shoot my favorite one yet!!!

Enjoy 'em! :)

Hair | Ashley Miller
Makeup | Jen Patti
Model | Alyssa Rickoski
Wardrobe | Moxie Boutique
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