Almost a year ago, I was scrolling through images on Flickr,
when I saw a pretty picture of a girl in a long tulle skirt and striped dress.

I was inspired to create the outfit and incorporate it into a
photo shoot, but it never happened... until now.

I was checking the weather last week, (I'm a photographer, so checking is part of my everyday job description.) and I noticed that
a Supermoon was going to be visible from the east coast during the weekend,
so I started creating a story line around the Supermoon, the coast, and a lighthouse.

Add in the tulle skirt, modeled by the beautiful Laura,
makeup (and comedic relief) by Alexi, and some crazy
interesting hair styling by the hair genius, Ashley...
and The Keeper of the Lighthouse shoot was born.

Unfortunately, without the Supermoon.

All we saw from our coast were clouds.

And more clouds.

But we did find a cool vine swing in the woods.

So we weren't toooo too bummed. ;)

Model | Laura Ballweg
Hair | Ashley Miller
Makeup | Alexi Corham
© 2012