I have a huge announcement!!!

Ever since I started shooting fashion this year,
I have been getting the coolest messages from tons of you that say:
Kaila! Your photo shoots look so fun! If you ever do a shoot where
I could come and watch and learn and shoot with you, please let me know!

Well guess what! Today I am letting you know!

On June 2, next Saturday, around 6:30 PM, I am photographing a fabulous model
in a fabulous dress in the perfect location! It's going to be a local shoot about 10 miles
outside of Wilmington, Delaware, and YOU ARE INVITED!

This is not a workshop! Let me repeat - this is not a workshop!

I will be talking all about capturing movement, composing images,
and interacting with your model, but you do have to know how
to use your camera if you want to attend this event!

This is a 100% FREE portfolio building photography opportunity!

Any of the images that you capture at this event will dramatically
add to your photography portfolio!!! And it's going to be so fun!

Okay, here is how you get to attend this photography event:

#1 Find me on Facebook and be my friend or like my page.
Either one is fine... I just want to know who you are!

#2 SHARE the link to this blog post on Facebook or Twitter with
a status that says something like: I'm so excited for this portfolio
building photo shoot with fashion photographer, Kaila Regina!!

#3 Send me an email telling me that you did those things,
and also --- tell me why you love photography!!!

You absolutely must love photography to attend. ;)

I will email you back with details, including the exact location of this shoot!

I do have a number in mind where I will stop accepting attendees,
so if 400 of you respond, I might do another shoot like this in the future,
but for now, let's get this party started!!!!

June 2nd at 6:30! I'll be seeing you! :)