I am typing this to you with tan hands & that makes me happy. :)

To celebrate my 21st birthday, my only request was a day spent at the beach,
and every year since then, I've spent my birthday the same way.

May 1st on the beach.

This year I turned 24.

I feel so old.

I've almost been alive a quarter of a century. Yuck. Haha.

So I spent my 24th birthday acting a little younger than that.

I went to the beach with my girlfriends for a day of relaxing in the sun,
but when two of them are models and one is a hair stylist... and one of
them is me... the girl with the camera face... of course a photo shoot
was going to happen! ;)

Models | Alexi Corham & Kayla Wilkins
Hair Stylist | Ashley Miller
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