WooHoo! The long awaited blog post! ;)

This was my second time shooting for Lace Boutique & if I thought a
photo shoot could never be as fun as the first one... I was wrong!

I teamed up with Ashley Miller, hair stylist, Liz Hernandez, makeup artist,
and four sooooo-beautiful-in-their-own-unique-way models.

We had a party shooting these looks!

Hope you enjoy them too!!!

And of course, your next stop should be Lace-Boutique.com. ;)

© 2012 KailaRegina.com
Shoot for http://www.lace-boutique.com/
Models | Leigh Taylor, Kayla Wilkins, Adriana Smarro, Crystal Dilley
Hair | Ashley Miller
Makeup | Liz Hernandez
Wardrobe | Lace Boutique