Bright and early, Saturday morning, Jared took me blueberry picking.

On our drive out to the farm, I told him about my childhood blueberry
picking days filled with blueberry fights with my cousins,
Find-The-Biggest-Blueberry Contest, and that one mean
lady with the very best blueberries who told my mama
that she "frowned on children."

With cousins & siblings combined, we were a lot of children.

But that lady had the best blueberries.

So we always quietly marched into her patch until she was
hidden from sight.... and then began the blueberry fights.

I asked Jared if his mom ever took him blueberry picking.

The look on his face told me that his blueberry picking
experience was much different than mine.

I guess he had to fill baskets to the brim with mini blueberries
off of really short, little bushes in the hot, hot sun, and
he never, ever thought it was fun.

BUT the good news is that thanks to those different experiences,
we were a perfect blueberry picking team.

As in, I found (and ate) all of the biggest blueberries,
while Jared filled up our basket.

Teamwork at its absolute finest. ;)