I hosted a Meet Up on Saturday for some of the photographers in my
area to come and shoot with me and hang out.

 We had a party!!!

Their shots have been popping up here and there
on Facebook and blowing me away!!

To give myself a little challenge at this Meet Up,
I decided to shoot a bit with my iPhone.

I am always, always pushing myself to be the best I can be,
and it's always good to remember that a big DSLR
camera or an iPhone camera are both just tools!!

They help make the picture, but it's up to the person holding
that tool to use it to make that picture amazing!!

I had no idea what the outcome would be, but I
ended up LOVING the look of these images.

The following images are 100% captured AND edited on
my iPhone with the crazy awesome app VSCO CAM!!!

Check 'em.....

PS: Amazing modeling by Kathleen Corcoran...
I know it's not easy to model with a billion
lenses + an iPhone pointed at you...
and perfect hair and makeup by Liz Hernandez!!