This blog post has two back stories.

Story #1.

Last year, I "stopped" photographing families.

I say "stopped" because I never really stopped.

I stopped advertising family shoots and blogging family shoots,
but I could never say that hard, cold word - NO - to the
families who requested my photos.

I had a lot of reasons for not wanting to photograph families,
but mainly, and honestly, I was getting extremely busy and of all of
the opportunities calling my name, family photos were the least... artsy.

I guess. It's hard to explain.

I never found a way to capture personalities and memories and
moments AND get that portrait that mom wants to hang on the wall.

Okay... Story #2.

My baby sister Nen spent a day in the attic a few weeks ago,
texting me old picture after funny, old picture of my siblings
and myself in various (hilarious) life stages.

I thought about posting a few here, but I decided that the
Santa-head sweatshirts, hot pink prescription glasses, and
Cleveland Browns footie pajamas could wait for another day.

Of course, as she was texting the pictures, I was feeling
happy and sad and wistful of time gone by...

But then I started getting this great idea.

And I got really excited about it.

I was looking at the pictures and noticing that a lot of
my memories came from our surroundings.

The Christmas tree in front of the fireplace, that old table, 
the backyards of all of our old homes... seeing my siblings
 in those places made the memories feel so real, and all of a
sudden I knew how to mix my art in a 2 hour family photo shoot
with a family I just met.

So I don't know you... I'm not part of your family...
but I want to capture those moments that are you.

The ones that define you!

And this is how we are going to do it.

I'm calling it:

DO SOMETHING: A-Family-Photography-Memory-Making-Experience

How it works:

1. I meet you at your home or somewhere familiar and comfortable to your family.

2. You choose what you love to do as a family.


Make pizza, eat pancakes, paint sculptures, go bowling,
go paddling boarding, go surfing, have a tomato fight, WHATEVER.

3. I come along for the ride.

Look, Moms, I know you really do love the moments, but
you also really want a portrait you can hang on the wall. I gotcha.

Dads, I get it. You hate having your picture taken.
I promise, I'm like a Pain-Free Dentist. It's a little bit of a lie,
but once I got you in the chair, any pain that you experience
will be quick and completely tolerable.

Kids, you can make funny faces galore. I love them.

So yeah, I'm photographing families again. I won't say no.
And if you ask what my family session is like, I'll be
directing you to this blog post. :)

I have another post coming up next week too, so stay tuned...

But for now, meet these sweeties and their new cute puppy. ;)